The Cottages
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Parasite/Flea Policy
Parasite/Flea Policy


Our goal is to provide a safe, happy, parasite free stay for all our feline guests. All cats entering The Cottages at Cat Clinic North will be checked for signs of fleas.  We require either proof of topical flea prevention (receipt for Revolution, Advantage multi, Advantage or Frontline.), and date of last application or we will apply Advantage to all entering cats.  Any evidence of either live fleas or flea dirt will constitute a flea infestation.

If visible infestation signs are present at entry there will be a cleaning fee of $75 assessed.  This fee will cover the treatment of the room at discharge for the flea eggs being dropped into the carpeting during their stay as well as cleaning of the carpet for flea dirt.

Visible internal parasite evidence viewed on your cat or in their litterbox will result in a fecal sample being tested at our Cat Clinic North at your cost.  We will notify your veterinarian of the results so all room residents can be treated for the infection.  CCN or KCC clients will be treated while at the cottages so they may go home without any parasite infection.  


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