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Sick Cat Policy
Sick Cat Policy

Our goal is to provide a safe, happy, healthy stay for all our feline guests. Any feline guests staying at The Cottages at Cat Clinic North that become ill during their stay will need immediate care. You or your representative will be contacted at the provided emergency number. Care can be provided either with Cat Clinic North, an emergency facility as indicated, or your cat can be transferred to your regular veterinarian (within 15 miles, a trip fee will apply). If we cannot reach you, we will begin diagnostics / treatment at the appropriate veterinarian facility. Most illnesses will respond better and faster the sooner they are addressed. We want your cat to be as healthy as possible at your return. 
Infectious Disease

Any cat found to be sneezing with discharge from the eyes or nose will be considered to be infectious (herpes / calicivirus). Any infectious cat will be transferred (as space permits) to Cat Clinic North for isolation care or hospitalization (Kentwood Cat Clinic) or your veterinarian. Additional costs will apply. If the other cats boarding with the sick cat are not sneezing, they may remain at the cottages for their scheduled time. A charge of $75 will be applied to your bill as the room will need to be sanitized.
If your cat is a chronic sneezer due to anatomy or allergies we will need a document from your veterinarian stating this. All others will be assumed to be infectious.
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